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Image by Avinash Kumar

Our journey

Our coffee truck story began with a shared love for two things: exceptional coffee and the enchanting spirit of Hawaii. It was during a trip to the Big Island that we first tasted the rich, smooth flavors of Kona coffee, and it was love at first sip. Inspired by this experience, we dreamed of finding a way to bring the magic of Kona coffee to our community back home. But we wanted to do more than just serve coffee; we wanted to create an experience—a moment of island tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And thus, the idea of our Kona coffee truck was born. With determination and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, we embarked on a journey to turn this dream into reality. We spent months researching, planning, and crafting our vision, from designing the truck layout to sourcing the finest Kona beans. Each step of the process was filled with excitement and anticipation, fueled by our passion for sharing the joy of Kona coffee with others. And now, as we roam the streets, festivals, and events with our mobile café, we're not just serving coffee; we're sharing a piece of our journey, our love for Kona coffee, and the aloha spirit with every cup we pour.

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