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Bringing 100% Kona Coffee to You

At Kona Island Coffee, we bring the spirit of aloha to every cup with our exquisite Kona coffee. Handpicked from the fertile volcanic slopes of Hawaii's Big Island, our Kona beans embody the essence of luxury and quality. Renowned for their rich flavor and smooth finish, our Kona beans offer a taste of paradise in every sip. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to authenticity and sustainability. We work directly with local Kona farmers, ensuring fair wages and environmental stewardship every step of the way. From our meticulously roasted beans to our cozy coffee trailer atmosphere, we strive to transport our customers to the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii with each delicious cup.

At Kona Island Coffee, we invite you to experience the magic of Kona coffee, where every morning begins with a touch of island bliss. 🌺

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Experience the Taste of Hawaii in the Bay Area

Savoring 100% Kona Coffee

In the bustling Bay Area, amidst the tech hubs and vibrant cultural mosaic, lies a unique opportunity to journey to the heart of Hawaii without ever leaving California. For coffee enthusiasts and novices alike, exploring the superior flavors of 100% Kona Coffee offers a distinct taste of the islands' aromatic treasure.


Our mission: Serving the best quality coffee

Fueling your day with the pure essence of Kona coffee, wherever the road takes you. Passionately crafted, delightfully served.






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